GoGo SqueeZ.

There’s fruit and fun inside

Driving awareness of GoGo SqueeZ.


GoGo SqueeZ make healthy snacks for kids in squeezable pouches.

Our brief was to create awareness of GoGo SqueeZ among mums as healthy, non-artificial lunchbox snacks made from 100% fruit.


As part of a wider integrated marketing campaign, we knew that peer-to-peer advice and  trusted advocates for a product would be critical sources of information and inspiration for time-strapped parents. We worked with a group of social media micro-influencers to help us reach parents of 5-10 years olds to make the brand feel familiar among a relevant and engaged audience, in a really authentic way.

Our influencers really bought into the product and did a great job of helping us to highlight some of it’s main USPs like the convenient packaging and healthy ingredients.

To ensure maximum exposure we also repurposed the influencer content to run as targeted Facebook ads.

More work.

Helping Aldo to put its best foot forward.


Helping Aldo to put its best foot forward.

Launching a fashion brand.


Launching a fashion brand.

Care in everything we do.


Care in everything we do.